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Who we are & what we do

Following the lengthy experience of Rontis founders in the Healthcare Industry,  we strategically decided to enter the pharmaceutical sector through an exceptional investment for the construction of a brand new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Greece combined with additional investment in establishing a separate in – house pharmaceutical R&D lab focused on the development of specialty pharmaceutical products.

Our target is to provide the full range of pharmaceutical services to our customers (from product development to licensing and supply) in order to become the partner of choice. Rontis bears proof of our vision and aspirations of becoming a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty pharmaceutical products.

Core Pillars

The following have been identified as the core Rontis pillars of the compete pharmaceutical division inception, R&D and manufacturing processes applied:


rontis-bullet Develop and out-license high quality specialty pharmaceutical products both in the field of generics and innovative finished formulation and quality generics.

rontis-bullet Strong manufacturing capabilities meeting the needs of our own product pipeline supply as well as those of third party contract manufacturing.

rontis-bullet From idea inception to making sure that the final product is available for every patient around the world.

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Rontis has a Quality Management System meeting the European Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP), which are a series of general principles that must be observed during manufacturing. Rontis has determined effective and efficient quality processes to comply fully with the EU-GMP.


Our Quality system has been successfully audited by the Local Health Authorities and multiple European customers, while internal processes review and revise our practices periodically in order to ensure meeting highest standards and our partner’s expectations.



Rontis has made significant investments in the field of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, including the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced scientists and the establishment of state-of-the-art R&D lab.


Rontis R&D lab, set-up in 2014, offers research support to Rontis’ activities, operating in collaboration with international Research centers for the development of generic medicines, new formulations and innovative solutions.


Within this framework we have the ability to develop dossiers for out-licensing of our own specialty pharmaceutical products and formulations.


Our goal is to expand our clientele and product portfolio through strategic partnerships.

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The pharmaceutical plant of Rontis is located in a 9.200 square meters in the Industrial Area of Larissa, Central Greece and began operations in mid-2012, marking a new business activity era for Rontis.


The pharmaceutical plant consists of high-end production lines capable of producing pharmaceutical products in a wide range of oral solid dosage forms with an exceptional annual capacity through a range of manufacturing processes as well as corresponding individualized packaging.


Controlling the manufacturing of every product that Rontis offers, contributes to our service oriented strategy.


Each own-developed finished formulation is produced and packed at Rontis’ state-of-the-art facility, securing full access, flexibility and control over production and deliveries.


On top of the manufacturing of are own developed products, we have been trusted from many MNCs as a CMO partner providing to them high quality services in the outsourced production of their finished products.