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rontis-bullet Rontis has a vertically organized manufacturing infrastructure that is supported by the R&D department and is implemented through Standard Operating Procedures.

rontis-bullet Our new EU GMP-compliant facility  in Greece is located in a 9.200 square meters area in the Industrial Zone of Larissa and consists of high-end production lines capable of producing pharmaceutical products in a wide range of oral solid dosage forms with an exceptional annual capacity through a range of manufacturing processes as well as corresponding individualized packaging.

rontis-bullet Currently several new generic molecules are manufactured, some of which are projects of innovative formulations based on drug delivery technologies. Using the application of innovative ideas and advanced technologies, Rontis aims to provide challenging and optimized pharmaceutical products to patients.


rontis-bullet Primary packaging

    • Packaging in Blister (Alu-Alu, Alu-Alu Peel off/Paper Peel off, PVC, PVDC, PP, ACLAR, Triplex, perforated/Non-perforated)
    • Packaging in Sachets

rontis-bullet Secondary packaging

    • Packaging in various folding box designs

rontis-bullet Support in packaging development
rontis-bullet Coordination/packaging of initial supply quantities  following marketing authorization


Annual Packaging Capacity

rontis-bullet 100 million blisters


Product forms

rontis-bullet Oral solid IR dosage forms (Tablets, capsules, pellets, granules)
rontis-bullet Modified and sustained release tablets, capsules, pellets
rontis-bullet Multiple Unit Pellet Systems (MUPS) technology based oral solids (Tablets, capsules)
rontis-bullet Chewable tablets
rontis-bullet Dispersible and orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs)
rontis-bullet Sugar & Film-coated tablets
rontis-bullet Hard gelatin capsules containing granules, tablets or pellets (all sizes)
rontis-bullet Granules
rontis-bullet Pellets
rontis-bullet Products in sachet or innovative packs


Annual Production Capacity

rontis-bullet 3 billion tablets
rontis-bullet 260 million capsules

Manufacturing Processes

rontis-bullet Weighting
rontis-bullet Sieving/Milling
rontis-bullet Mixing/Homogenisation
rontis-bullet Wet granulation
rontis-bullet Dry granulation
rontis-bullet Spray granulation
rontis-bullet Fluid bed processing (granulation, drying, coating)
rontis-bullet Dry mixing/blending
rontis-bullet Extruder/ Spheronizer
rontis-bullet Tabletting
rontis-bullet Coating (Sugar, Film, Enteric)
rontis-bullet En-capsulation

Contract manufacturing services

Process Optimization

Scale up and Validation of analytical methods of finished products

Production of pilot and industrial batches for product transfers and industrialization


Stability Studies

Stability programs according to ICH and documentation according to CTD requirements.

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