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For any organization active in the production of generic pharma products, Research and Development is of pivotal importance.

Rontis has made significant investments in this field, including the recruitment of highly skilled and experienced scientists and the establishment of state-of-the-art R&D lab  that allow to plan its developments and research proactively, in order to respond timely to the needs of its target markets.

rontis-bullet  Development of high quality specialty pharmaceutical products innovative finished formulation and quality generics
rontis-bullet  Research projects with renowned Universities and Research Centers in order to investigate advanced pharmaceutical technologies as well as their application on an industrial scale
rontis-bullet  Strong pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities through state of the art EU GMP-compliant Facility in Greece
rontis-bullet  Rontis offers fully integrated  formulation and analytical development, clinical trial batch manufacturing, packaging and supply management

Rontis offers its customers with “first wave“generic launches and enables them to gain a strong market position with high quality products and reliable supply